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SCEC-endorsed Security Zone Consultants Briefing

SCEC-endorsed Security Zone Consultants are endorsed by the Australian Government Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC) to provide physical security advice on the:

  • design, acceptance testing and commissioning of Type 1 Security Alarm Systems; and
  • design and construction of security zones as defined in the Australian Government Protective Security Policy Framework and the ASIO-T4 Technical Notes.

SCEC-endorsed Security Zone Consultants must:

  • have qualifications and/or lengthy experience relating to electronic security systems; 
  • be assessed by SCEC to be suitable for the Scheme;
  • maintain a minimum NV1 security clearance; and
  • abide by a Code of Conduct.  

For further information, see SCEC Security Zone Consultant policy and supporting documentation.

Briefing for New SCEC-endorsed Security Zone Consultants

Applications are currently closed.

The program for New SCEC-endorsed Security Zones Consultant Briefing has been suspended.

Briefing for Renewing SCEC-endorsed Security Zone Consultants

SCEC endorsement is re-assessed every five (5) years. Consultants applying for re-endorsement are required to complete a renewal application form and will be assessed for their ongoing suitability for the Scheme. Suitable applicants will be required to attend an ASIO-T4 briefing and achieve a pass on an assessment of competency before endorsement will be applied for a further term.

Consultants are required to submit their renewal applications at least six months prior to their expiry date