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FAQ - Product Evaluation Program

Frequently Asked Questions - Evaluation Program

Q1: What type of products are listed on the Security Equipment Evaluated Products List (SEEPL)?

A: The SEEPL lists products assessed as meeting the requirements for specialised high security or administrative security categories in line with Australian Government priorities. The Australian Government reserves the right to admit other types of products to be evaluated for inclusion in the SEEPL.

Q2: What will happen to products outside the SEEPL?

A: Security Equipment Guidelines (SEGs) will be developed to provide Australian Government agencies with better practice guidance when procuring commercially available products and products from categories previously listed in the Security Equipment Catalogue (SEC) which are now not reflected in the SEEPL.

Q3: Will any products listed in the SEC 2011 be listed in the SEEPL?

A: Products that have been evaluated by SCEC since March 2009 and were in the 2011 SEC with a SCEC approved security rating of SL3 or SL4 will automatically be migrated to the SEEPL without further testing.

All other products assessed as falling within the SEEPL categories "specialised high security" or "administrative security" will need to be re-evaluated under the new test program arrangements. Manufacturers and suppliers may submit a new application in line with the Australian Government's current priorities.

Q4: My product is in one of the Australian Government priority categories. How do I find more information on whether it is suitable for evaluation and possible listing in the SEEPL?

A: Please fill in the Contact Us form, briefly describing your product, identifying the priority category it meets and provide a contact number. We will contact you to discuss whether your product may be suitable for evaluation and possible listing in the SEEPL, and provide you with details regarding the application process.

Q5: I have a product that I would like to submit for evaluation. However, it is not listed on the current government priorities. What do I do?

A: The Australian Government's priorities will be periodically reviewed and this website will be regularly updated to include new product categories. Applications submitted for categories other than those currently advertised will not be accepted.