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Getting a product in the SEEPL


The Security Construction Equipment Committee is responsible for managing the evaluation of security products for use within the Australian Government in line with the Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF). Security products assessed as meeting the requirements for specialised high security or administrative security categories are published in the Security Equipment Evaluated Product List (SEEPL). 

The benefits of including your product in the SEEPL

  • The SEEPL will be used by Australian Government agencies, to meet the minimum requirements of the Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF), which mandates the use of the products listed in the SEEPL for certain Australian Government Security Zones.

How to Submit your product to SCEC for evaluation

SCEC has approved the evaluation of security products based on category priorities. This allows for the allocation of resources to evaluate the highest priority products as determined by government.

Australian manufacturers or suppliers who believe their products fall within one of the current priority product categories and periods listed in the Product Evaluation Program should read the SCEC Product Evaluation Policy and contact SCEC at to receive a  Product Evaluation Application Form and where applicable, a copy of the relevant Pre-Acceptance Criteria.

  • The Pre-Acceptance Criteria provides the information to allow you to assess whether your product is suitable for evaluation. 
  • If you believe that your product is suitable for evaluation, you may submit an application either via post or electronically during the relevant Product Application Period.
  • In many cases, a copy of the Pre-Acceptance Criteria can be obtained prior to the official opening of the application period.

On behalf of SCEC, ASIO-T4 Protective Security (ASIO-T4) will assess all applications against the Pre-Acceptance Criteria to determine their suitability for testing. If found suitable, a testing quote will be issued to the applicant.

All suitable products then undergo a Preliminary Evaluation against the evaluation criteria to assess the suitability of the product for full evaluation. This minimises the financial risk for the applicant.

  • In the case that significant vulnerabilities are identified, the applicant may withdraw their application without incurring the full cost of the evaluation.
  • Where possible, ASIO-T4 will work with the applicant to address the shortcomings and, if they can be rectified in a timely manner, the product may continue in the evaluation process.
  • With all testing, ASIO-T4's aim is to work with the applicant to provide the best possible security products for Government.

Products passing the preliminary assessment and evaluation stages will then undergo a full evaluation. An evaluation report and Security Level recommendation are then submitted by ASIO-T4 to SCEC for final approval.

  • Due to the security classification of the evaluation, SCEC is unable to provide the applicant with a copy of the evaluation report. However, ASIO-T4 will provide relevant and useful feedback to applicants.


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