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New Company Applications

SCEC will continue to accept applications for new courier companies; however, will not undertake the endorsement process until after 1 July 2018. 

The following pre-requisites must be met by a courier company and will be assessed by the Chair of SCEC prior to acceptance of a company's application:

  • Operated as a commercial courier service for a minimum of two consecutive years and meet the majority of a SCEC Endorsement Criteria - Safe Hand Courier Services. 
  • Agree to initial and ongoing examination of its services to ensure compliance with criteria requirements. 
  • Agree to initial and ongoing assessment of foreign ownership. 
  • Nominated couriers agree to be subject to initial and ongoing personal background checks; prejudicial results will exclude an individual from undertaking the safe hand courier duties.
  • Company is ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems certified by a third party register. 
  • A facility that holds a Transported Asset Protection Association Freight Security Requirement Certification. 

The SCEC Endorsement Criteria - Safe Hand Courier Services is available on request.