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SCEC-approved locksmith briefing


This Briefing is designed for suitably qualified locksmiths who wish to become SCEC (Security Construction & Equipment Committee) Approved. The SCEC Approved Locksmith maintains mechanical and digital combination locks fitted to SCEC Approved containers. SCEC also recommends Approved Locksmiths are used to fit locks and associated hardware to doors and windows of certain Australian Government security zones.

Subjects covered in the briefing include:

  • containers inspection, servicing and reporting procedures;
  • physical security locking requirements of the Protective Security Policy Framework and ASIO Technical Notes;
  • an assessment to demonstrate competency.

Day two of the briefing will consist of certification workshops from Kaba Australia Pty Ltd on the X10, and Locksmith Supply Company on the S&G 2740a and 2740b. If you have already undertaken either (or both) of these workshops you may opt-out: please indicate your intentions with regard to these workshops when submitting your application form. Certification on these locks will become a mandatory condition of maintaining SCEC approval.

When a locksmith meets all of the requirements for SCEC approval they are granted approval for four years and their details are entered on a SCEC Approved Locksmith Register, which is maintained by T4 Protective Security.

Briefings are conducted in Canberra at a cost of $750 GST inclusive. This includes lunch, morning and afternoon tea. Travel and accommodation costs are not included. 

A SCEC Approved Locksmith identification card and certificate will be issued on successful completion of the briefing and payment of any outstanding fees. 


UPDATE: The 2020 program for New SCEC Approved Locksmith Briefings has been suspended due to the evolving situation with COVID-19. Further advice will be provided once new dates can be determined.

If you are a suitably qualified locksmith and wish to be considered for the SCEC Approved Locksmith Scheme, please read the SCEC Approved Locksmith Scheme Policy and submit a completed hard copy application pack to:

Chair SCEC
GPO Box 1508
Canberra ACT 2601

Applications may be received at any time.

Approximately 6 weeks prior to a briefing, SCEC will review the completed applications received and assess the applicants against the criteria outlined in the Policy. Applicants will be advised of the outcome of their application at least 4 weeks prior to each scheduled Briefing.

Applicants selected to participate in the Scheme will be invited to attend a Briefing and complete the assessment. Locksmiths who successfully complete the assessment will be granted SCEC approval and, once all fees have been settled, will receive a SCEC Approved Locksmith identification card.  

Please note: Briefings will only proceed if a minimum number of completed applications from suitably qualified locksmiths has been received. SCEC may cancel a Briefing if the minimum number has not been reached. Successful applicants will be invited to attend the following scheduled Briefing. 


Applications for renewing SCEC Approved Locksmiths are accepted at any time. Renewing SCEC Approved Locksmiths are not currently required to attend a briefing to maintain validity; therefore there is no renewal fee. Please complete the renewal application form and forward (with the required documentation) to:

Chair SCEC
GPO Box 1508
Canberra ACT 2601

We recommend applications be forwarded to SCEC at least eight weeks prior to your expiry date to ensure continued validity and inclusion on the SCEC Approved Locksmith Register.

Be aware that the National Police Check (NPC) can take a number of weeks to be finalised. It is recommended that you apply for the NPC well in advance of the eight weeks before your expiry date.

Note: if a locksmith does not submit a renewal application prior to the expiry of their SCEC approval, the locksmith will need re-apply as a New SCEC Approved Locksmith.