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SCEC Endorsed Courier Services

All SCEC-endorsed courier companies are assessed against the SCEC endorsement criteria—safe hand courier services A11996502.

From 1 July 2018, the safehand categories are as follows:

  • Safehand courier service BIL 4 is for transporting and delivering consignments directly to a government agency consignee. It is to be used for transporting information classified PROTECTED up to and including SECRET.

  • Safehand courier service BIL 5 is for transporting and delivering consignments directly to a government agency officer. It is to be used for transporting information classified TOP SECRET.

A company can be endorsed for either safe-hand courier service BIL 4 and/or 5 for:

  • Same-day, intra-city—the courier must collect consignments at a specified time and deliver them on the same working day within a particular region. A company with same-day intra-city endorsement must collect and deliver a consignment between 0900 hours and 1700 hours on the day of collection. 

  • Nation-wide—the courier must be able to deliver consignments within 24 hours of dispatch to any location less than a three-hour drive from the nearest capital city airport, or within 48 hours of dispatch to any location greater than a three-hour drive from the nearest capital city airport.

For example:

  • A company endorsed for BIL 4 nation-wide deliveries allows the company to deliver BIL 4 consignments to all locations within Australia.

  • A company endorsed for BIL 5 same-day, intra-city deliveries allows the company to collect and deliver BIL 5 consignments on the same-day.

A company with a nation-wide endorsement can deliver anywhere within Australia. It allows a company to store a consignment at an approved facility, in preparation of delivering the consignment within the defined timelines. This allows a company to hold a consignment at an approved facility to choose the most cost-effective air freight or road line haul option for delivery.

Government agencies must not send safehand courier service BIL 4 and BIL 5 consignments on days before weekends or public holidays, unless couriers can guarantee delivery on the day of pick-up, or the consignee or officer confirms they can receive the consignment on the next calendar day (which may include Saturday, Sunday or public holiday). A company cannot deliberately delay delivery of consignments for the consignee’s or officer’s convenience. If these time frames can’t be met, the company must return the consignment to the consignor.

Additional information on the handling of protective information can be found at;

Latest News

ACTION: SCEC have released Endorsement, Re-endorsement and Annual Reporting Portals. Please provide 1 July 2018 re-endorsement document packages through the portal. 

SCEC Endorsed safehand courier services criteria is in the process of being approved by SCEC with minor amendments. This should be finalised in May 2018. 

ACTION: Please provide formal update for SCEC by 1 May 2018. Please use the endorsement criteria as a checklist, with progress status alongside each section. If there are requirements in the criteria that are hard to implement, please advise what alternative mitigation measures are being used to meet the intent.

We are intending to meet with everyone in May/June 2018 for an updated status report on each companies progress. Dates are as listed below:

Sydney 28-29 May 2018

Canberra 30-31 May 2018

Melbourne 1 June 2018

ACTION: Please advise preferred date and times to

A new Protective Security Circular 172 - SCEC Safehand courier services and Safehand courier services - quick reference guide has been distributed to all Agency Security Advisors in Australian Government. These documents can be found under the SCEC Endorsed Courier Register and Supporting Documents tab. 

Access to the Security Equipment Evaluated Product List is available in the SEEPL tab.

Request for SCEC Endorsed Courier Listing

The latest version of the SCEC Endorsed Courier Listing is November 2016.

The requested information is not publicly available. Please send a request for this information to SCEC via the Contact Us form. 

Please note: This information is only available to the Australian Government and SCEC endorsed courier companies. If your business is involved in a government project this information can be provided by contacting the agency security adviser of that department.