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SCEC Endorsed Courier Services

As an alternative to safe hand procedures, Australian Government agencies may use SCEC endorsed courier services for the carriage of official information within Australia.

Courier services that place a high emphasis on timelines and security have been found to greatly reduce the opportunity for the unauthorised access to correctly packaged consignments. Provided all handling procedures are followed, the service should proved an efficient and cost effective means of transferring official information that reduces the risk of compromise.

There are two distinct types of courier services that are SCEC endorsed for use by Australian Government agencies for the timely transfer of official information within Australia:

  • Safe Hand (person to person) courier services are SCEC endorsed for the carriage of Australian Government official information where deliveries of consignments are to be made directly to a nominated agency representative or their nominated alternative.
  • Overnight courier services (Agency to Agency) are SCEC endorsed for the carriage of Australian Government official information where deliveries of consignments are to be made to an agency representative.

Nation-wide deliveries of Overnight and Safe Hand consignments to agency premises located in an Australian city with an airport with scheduled daily flights and to areas within a three hour drive of that airport are to be made within 24 hours of collection. 48 hours is acceptable for remote locations within Australia which are not serviced by scheduled daily flights. Intra-city Overnight and Safe Hand consignments are to be delivered same-day.

For general information, where the delivery of a Safe Hand consignment requires air transport, the consignment must be lodged on the next available flight.

New Company applications

SCEC is implementing a new endorsement criteria that will be in effect from 1 July 2018. SCEC will continue to accept applications for new companies, but will not undertake the endorsement process until after 1 July 2018. SCEC Endorsment Criteria - Safe Hand Courier Services A11995602 is available from T4 Protective Security or, if you have a SCEC website login, under the 'Documents' tab.

The following prerequisites must be met by a company and will be assessed by the Chair SCEC prior to acceptance of a company's application:

  • Operated as a commercial courier service for a minimum of two consecutive years and meet the majority of the SCEC Endorsment Criteria - Safe Hand Courier Services A11995602 requirements.
  • Agree to initial and ongoing examination of its services to ensure compliance with criteria requirements.
  • Agree to initial and ongoing assessment of foreign ownership.
  • Nominated couriers agree to be subject to initial and ongoing personal background checks; prejudicial results will exclude an individual from undertaking the safe hand courier duties.
  • Company is ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems certified by a third party registrar.
  • A facility that holds a Transported Asset Protection Association Freight Security Requirement certification.

Security Incidents

All security incidents should be reported to the SCEC. This will assist the SCEC to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of Overnight and Safe Hand courier services and to enable feedback to be provided to courier services to ensure the assessment criteria are being met. For more information on reporting a security incident please refer to the SCEC Endorsed Courier incident page.

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