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Product Evaluation Cost

How much does it cost to have a product evaluated?

Due to a Cabinet decision in 2000, ASIO-T4 is required to charge cost recovery for its services which includes product evaluations.

Once a product is deemed suitable for evaluation ASIO-T4 will provide a quotation for the cost of the evaluation.​

  • There is generally a fixed cost for each product category, and these costs are kept as low as possible.
  • In some circumstances the cost is reduced where multiple products of the same category are similar in design are tested at the same time. 
  • Upon request, ASIO-T4 may be able to provide cost guidance before an application is submitted.

ASIO-T4 will endeavour to minimise the cost of the evaluation through initially performing a preliminary assessment and evaluation.

  • The aim of this process is to minimise the potential cost to the applicant by performing an initial evaluation with only the most suitable products continuing to full evaluation.

Products undergoing a full evaluation will be subject to the full cost of the quote. If a product undergoing a full evaluation looks like it won’t be successful, ASIO-T4 will endeavour to reduce the cost to the applicant by stopping testing at the earliest possible stage. However, as previously stated, the aim of ASIO-T4 is always to work with the applicant to provide the best possible security products for Government