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FAQ - Locksmiths

Q: What do I need to provide with my application?

Applications require the applicant to provide certified copies of:

  •          Trade Certificates
  •          National Police Check response
  •          State Security license
  •          If applicable – letter from your Employer
  •          Names and contact details for your character references
  •          Passport size photo
  •          Expired SCEC ID card if applicable.

Q: Where do I find the form for the National Police Check?

Access the AFP's Online NPC Application Portal, complete and submit to the Australian Federal Police. Send the response with your documentation.

Q: Do I really need to get a National Police Check?

Yes. A certified copy of a check done in the past three months is also acceptable.

Q: Do I need a finger prints with my National Police Check?


Q: What do I select for 'Purpose of Check' on the National Police Check?

If you are using the offline form, please select 'Code 40: Commonwealth department employee' as the purpose for the check.

If you are using the AFP's Online NPC Application Portal, please use the following details:

  • Purpose Type: 'Commonwealth purpose / Employment'
  • Purpose of Check: 'Pre-employment / Standard disclosure' in the Purpose of Check drop-down list

Q: Can I supply a criminal history check response from a commercial Crimtrac accredited broker, or a state police department?

 No. All checks must be completed by the Australian Federal Police.

Q: Do I need to send my ID card back with the application?

Only if it is expired.

Q: Criterion 2 states I require trade qualification, however after many years in the industry and I have not got one.

The pathway for a locksmith to gain a qualification varies person to person, SCEC cannot provide any advice on the best path for an individual. There are two main options, a Tradesperson Rights Certificate through Trades Recognition Australia or a Certificate III via Recognition of Prior Learning through a TAFE Institute.