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SCEC Consultants & Locksmiths

Consultant and Locksmith Schemes

The Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC) Security Zone Consultant scheme and SCEC Approved Locksmith scheme provides Australian Government agencies with Security Zone Consultants and Locksmiths who have demonstrated the necessary skills as well as having met high standards of integrity, honesty and confidentiality required of personnel working for or on behalf of the Australian Government. T4 administers these schemes on behalf of, and with the endorsement of, the SCEC. 

For information on becoming a SCEC Security Zone Consultant or SCEC Approved Locksmith, please visit the following links:

SCEC Security Zone Consultants

SCEC Security Zone Consultants are endorsed by SCEC to provide physical security advice at the request of Australian Government agencies regarding the design, acceptance testing and commissioning of Type 1/1A security alarm systems (SAS).

Endorsement is dependent on the applicant meeting the criteria and being assessed as a fit and proper person. SCEC Security Zone Consultants are required to renew their endorsement every five years.

Australian Government departments and agencies may use the services of a SCEC Security Zone Consultant to establish appropriate physical security environments for the protection of official information and assets. Access to the currently endorsed security zone consultant register is restricted and is available under the documents tab with your log in. 

Please note the PSPF does not require Australian Government agencies to engage a SCEC Security Zone Consultant for the design and construction of PSPF security zones; however, a SCEC Security Zone Consultant must be engaged for the design, acceptance testing or commissioning of a Type 1/1A SAS.

Under the current policy SCEC Security Zone Consultants are required to hold a minimum NV1 clearance. Agencies that require a higher level clearance will need to sponsor the consultant for that clearance.

For any feedback around a SCEC endorsed security zone consultants performance please email

SCEC Approved Locksmiths

SCEC Approved Locksmiths maintain mechanical and digital combination locks fitted to SCEC approved containers (listed in the SEEPL). SCEC also recommends approved locksmiths are used to install locks and associated hardware in PSPF Security Zones 4 and 5.

Approval of applicants to the scheme is dependent on the person meeting the criteria and being assessed as a fit and proper person. SCEC Approved Locksmiths are required to renew their approval every four years.

Please note that under the current policy, SCEC Approved Locksmiths are not security cleared by SCEC . Agencies must confirm that they are appropriately cleared to work in/on the designated area and hardware/container(s) or appropriately escorted in line with the requirements of the PSPF.