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Existing Company Re-endorsement

SCEC is requesting courier companies submit their documentation pack by email to A courier company should by ready for an on-site inspection once the documentation pack has been submitted. 

The courier company will be required to submit the following documents as evidence of compliance to the endorsement criteria by 1 July 2018

  • A courier company must undertake and submit a self-assessment using the criteria detailing how the requirements have been met. 
  • Provide evidence of Transport Asset Protection Association (TAPA) Freight Security Requirement certification for all approved facilities, and photographic evidence of security containers/security cages. 
  • Provide evidence of ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems certification by a third party register. 
  • A register or approved facilities and security containers/security cages used for the storage of consignments as per section 3 Facility security.
  • Provide evidence of the types of approved vehicles secured as per Section 2 Vehicle security supported with photographic evidence. 
  • A personnel security register as per Section 4 Personnel security.
  • Procedures reflecting the  changes made as per Section 7 Procedures.
  • Submission of samples of SCEC approved single use bags, SCEC approved security seals and consignment notes. 

Once the above has been received, ASIO-T4 will schedule an endorsement inspection of the courier company at a nominated approved facility. Should all of the above documentation not be received by 1 July 2018, the courier company will be removed from the scheme.

Should a courier company wish to reapply, they may submit a formal application and will be subject to the conditions listed in the criteria. 

Latest News

Change is coming!

Time is fast approaching to meet the new endorsement criteria requirements. Please ensure the documentation pack is submitted prior to 1 July 2018. A Courier company should be ready for an on-site inspection once the documentation pack has been submitted.

The electronic interface to provide a streamlined approach to the re-endorsement process is under development. In the meantime, if your Company is ready to submit the documentation, please email Please compile all documentation together before submission.

ASIO-T4 will be visiting Security Managers in late January and early February 2018 to provide assistance and guidance on meeting the 1 July 2018 deadline. Courier companies are strongly encouraged to provide ASIO-T4 a progress report as part of this visit.

Access to the Security Equipment Evaluated Product List is available in the SEEPL tab.